Welcome To MyLeakyGutSyndrome Support Site


Welcome! I’m Lisa. I suffered from leaky gut syndrome from high school through college. I created this website to help people conquer their leaky gut, or find more information about this syndrome.

This website is nonprofit. My purpose is to offer comprehensive information to assist others from my experiences and research. You will find several articles on this website covering everything related to leaky gut. However, if you have a question, or can’t find the information you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact me via the Contact Page!

I went through countless doctor visits, spent unfathomable amounts of money for misdiagnoses, and was not getting any healthier. I couldn’t afford a nutritionist or holistic practitioner, but I did take a nutrition course in college, and with the help and support from peers, was able to begin treating myself after what was essentially a self-diagnosis. Unfortunately, many leaky gut patients have the same experience as I did: the feeling of throwing money away, excessive doctor visits, and finding that their symptoms actually worsen over time.

Leaky gut is often a precursor to other health problems, particularly autoimmune diseases, IBS, and allergies. However, the syndrome is not well-defined, and often misdiagnosed or believed to be a fictional problem. Medical practitioners may not recognize leaky gut, often because it is simply not taught in medical school and either doctors have not heard of it, or are dubious of its legitimate role in health. That being said, if you’ve ever heard of “Increased Intestinal Permeability,” “Small Intestinal Permeability,” or just “Intestinal Permeability,” those are medical terms used for leaky gut.

There’s not much medical research available, yet there is a lot of speculation of both great hypothesis and well-meaning, but farfetched, ideas. The good news is that more and more doctors are realizing leaky gut as an actual disease with real consequences, and many medical researchers have published papers calling for the need to study the gut in relationship to lifestyles, mind and mental concerns, diseases, and the body as a whole. I aim to bring clarity to common questions, or at least offer honest interpretations on information that is convoluted, and sometimes outright contradictory.

I’ve found that for myself and others, determining how to heal is just as difficult as defining it. Each diet, food sensitivity, and symptom depends on the person. Next to the brain, our digestive tract has the highest concentration of nerve tissue, so just as we are individuals because of our appearance and brain activity, so too are we individuals in our gut.

If you believe you may have leaky gut, I’ve developed a quiz to assist you in determining your health.

If you do have leaky gut, I hope you reclaim your health. If you’re here to learn more, then I thank you for visiting.